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Order of AHEPA Citrus District #2

Scholarship Foundation

About Us

In 1960, spearheaded by several dedicated members of AHEPA family, the dream of a scholarship program was realized. Members of the AHEPA family contributed monies in the form of membership to the scholarship fund by donating a $100.00 to place their names on what is called the Scholarship Plaque. In 1962 the scholarship fund began awarding scholarships from the income generated each year from these donations. As the fund continue to grow, the decision to formalize the fund was made in 2000. In 2000 to better reflect our tax exempt status, the fund’s name was changed to AHEPA

District Scholarship Foundation

As a tax-exempt foundation, the number of scholarships awarded is based upon the amount of income derived from investments and also one time donations earmarked for a current scholarship. The foundation’s goal is to be able to provide a scholarship for all qualified. Perpetual scholarships funds are established when a donor or a group of donors, deposit cash or securities with the AHEPA Scholarship Foundation.  Click here for the Brochure

Will You Join Us?

There are currently several methods of contributing to AHEPA Citrus District Two Scholarship Foundation:

Scholarship Funds
Angelos Lagadas
West Pasco Chapter # 489, New Port Richey

Memorial Scholaships
Steno Augustine
Tony Callisis
Jordan Joanides

Scholarship Membership Club
Life Time Golden Membership
Paul E Martine

Annual Membership
Yearly Couple – $100.00
Yearly Single – $ 50.00

You can give a scholarship in this way;
One time scholarship- $ 5,000.00
Perpetual scholarship- $ 10,000.00

How to apply for scholarship

Every winter scholarship applications are distributed to AHEPA family members and district chapters. Applicants must be members of AHEPA family or children of Ahepa family members. Those eligible to apply are graduating high school seniors and college?university undergraduates. Scholarship applications are ranked by a selection committee and are based upon merit primarily. How ever, other achievements are also taken into consideration.

To become a member of the Committee of One Hundred, please send your tax deductible donation of one hundred dollars or more:

Order of AHEPA
Citrus District 2
Scholarship Foundation.
P.O. Box 781363
Orlando, FL 32878

Past and future goals

In forty years, hundreds of scholarships have been awarded. District Two’s greatest philathropic charity. We help our young people.
Tax ID# 46-2989055